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Muris is a Taipei-based creative studio focused on filmmaking in the innovation sector.

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Muris is a Taipei-based creative studio focused on filmmaking in the innovation sector.

Founded by Mu-Ming Tsai and Iris Lai in San Francisco in 2010, Muris is more than a production studio, but also a group of people who're interested in democratizing knowledge.

In 2011, Muris collaborated with Yuhsiu Yang and Melissa Huang, and produced the award winning "Design & Thinking," a documentary on design thinking, and successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2011, released and fully fulfilled in 2012.

In the following years, we continued to produce innovation-related films, including "Maker" (2014), a documentary on the maker movement, and "Hanzi" (2018), a documentary on Chinese typography. They're all funded and fully fulfilled on Kickstarter. 

After three documentaries, we set out to write and produce our first feature narrative film, challenging ourselves to a different way of storytelling. “Paradoxical” (2018) is an independent science fiction film from Taiwan, and won the Best Time Travel Movie Award in Boston Sci-Fi FIlm Festival. 

These films were all self-financed and self-distributed internationally, because we believe in an unadulterated vision and independent spirit. We hope you enjoy them as well, and find them as powerful and thought-provoking as we did.

Muris 繆思團隊,由蔡牧民導演與賴佩芸製片於2010年在舊金山創立。2012年完成第一部設計紀錄長片 Design & Thinking《設計與思考》,一推出便造成國際設計圈的廣傳,許多知名企業與學校都競相放映,包含Google、Microsoft,、Target 等世界各大企業團體,還有哈佛、柏克萊大學、西北大學等,並被美國最具權威的財經雜誌 - Forbes 富比世雜誌嚴選為必看紀錄片之一!2014年繼續完成第二部設計紀錄長片 Maker《自造世代》,在網路上被評為「七部硬體創業者必看電影之一」,已於40幾個國家放映超過400多場,進了18個國際影展,包含CPH:DOX哥本哈根國際紀錄片影展、Aarhus丹麥國際影展、比利時KIKK影展以及韓國首爾建築影展,並榮幸受邀 2015 年美國全國性自造者嘉年華 National Maker Faire,作唯一的電影放映展出!2017年完成第三部紀錄長片 Hanzi《漢字》,榮獲城市遊牧影展閉幕片與首獎肯定,以及新加坡國際設計影展開幕片!這三部紀錄片作品都是在全世界最大的群眾募資平台 Kickstarter上募款成功,也成為台灣第一個在Kickstarter上連續成功三次的案例。 2018年更是突破性地推出了第一支劇情長片 Paradoxical《時光》,是台灣少見的原創獨立科幻電影,入圍多項國際影展肯定,榮獲美國獨立科幻影展「最佳科幻長片獎」以及美國波士頓科幻影展「最佳時光旅行電影獎」。Muris團隊的每一部作品都有獨特的創新拍片方式,結合群眾募資,獨立發行且全面數位化,常在國外跟台灣的媒體上分享故事,期待影響國內對獨立電影的刻板印象。

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