iCook愛料理:小聿的動物園便當 - 回台灣之後,Muris一直很關注台灣的網創,這次跟一個很有趣的食譜網站,合作拍一支宣傳短片,有可愛便當路線,影片風格清新不黏牙!
2012 台灣設計師週 Taiwan Designers' Week 形象短片。設計的流動感,我們用跳躍的瞬間,來表達靈感湧入的剎那。
Official trailer for a feature documentary - Design & Thinking. To learn more about the movie, please visit the website!
Teaser trailer for a feature documentary on Design Thinking that we're working on right now; scheduled for release October 2011. To learn more about the movie, please visit our Kickstarter project page!
A trailer done for an upcoming feature film. More info can be found here: http://someguywhokillspeople.com/
A short video for a website in Taiwan - La Zorza. 一群在舊金山的台灣創意人,在自己熱愛的領域裡努力。他們稱自己為"說書人",用說故事的方式,將自己的異想世界呈現出來。但依舊心繫台灣,關心台灣設計圈的未來,希望能 一起努力,讓設計人能更被挖掘,有資源好好發展。讓世界看到台灣設計,讓創意找到出口! Music by Cicada
A teaser trailer for McSweeney's - a well-known publisher in San Francisco. It's for a color-changing kids' book by Jordan Crane, coming in November 2011 from McSweeney's McMullens.
A short documentary on the designs and philosophy of international design firm One & Co, based in San Francisco.
A viral video done for an iPad accessory called Hanfree.
A viral video done for Hanfree. Watch the Official Video:​ hanfree.co
A video done for Wateraid and winner of the Cannes Young Lion film festival; in collaboration with art directors and copywriters from CP+B. This was really a unique experience, Dennis was a genuine homeless we casted on the street, and spent an afternoon with him while he told us his story. It was truly a moving experience for us and made us reconsider our own living conditions.
A car commercial we shot and edited for the Honda Civic. We really loved the concept of water and metal, and the idea of the car being purified after rain.
A viral video for KIND snacks. The KIND bar reminds us of a crowded bus filled with peanuts and fruits. We target busy people on-the-go. We use stop motion to create this KIND world and convey the thought of "Be kind to your body, even if you're on the go."

This video gathered so much attention that KIND bar noticed it and asked if they could feature it in their newsletter. Next thing we know a whole pack of KIND bars arrived at our doorstep. Thank you KIND bar!

繆思創意酷專門報導訪問一系列在台灣跟在美國的台灣創意人,不定期出刊。他們不見得是大師,他們跟你我都一樣,只是多了一份熱情 與堅持。這次繆思訪問到的是在CCA念工業設計的徐倩,帶我們一窺她對設計的熱愛與她的作品。歌曲是由台灣獨立樂團"小白熊電台 "所提供,跟這次的影像搭配起來真是太契合了!
活出自己的風格,追逐自己的夢想。繆思創意酷專門報導訪問一系列在台灣跟在美國的台灣創意人,不定期出刊。他們不見得是大師,他們跟你我都一樣,只是多了一份熱情與堅持。 繆思非常有榮幸跟草莓救星貝士手海棻合作,提供個人創作「火車快飛」!
拋開經濟學上的M型社會,我們來玩M型創意。Our M.
This opening sequence was done for Roger Garcia, director of Hong Kong International film festival. It was really interesting how we got to know each other, long story short was that we both had a fascination with Louis Le Prince, the French filmmaker who supposedly invented the film camera earlier than Edison. We had a great time designing and animating this sequence.
Special thanks to Roger Garcia of Cinepod for letting us shoot this fun little promo. Directed and shot by Mu-Ming Tsai, camerahead played by Iris Lai. The idea was that we rarely pay attention while watching films. Cinepod is a show that calls attention to the art of film, and we came up with this idea of embodying film as a person and doing a testimony.

Put down your popcorn already and pay more attention to your movies already!
A TVC done for Roger Garcia of Cinepod. If you look around our films, this 1970s Sony TV has been in many of them!
This is the first of the promo videos we'll be doing for ourself. The idea was to take this entirely random thing and associate it with our brand. It made a great laugh and caught a lot of our friends off guard. Essentially that's what we want to do; on top of good communication, we always want to bring that surprise and whimsical factor to our work.

Anyway, we also want you to know that we are animal loving people. No animals were harmed during the shooting of this video.
URS27W 微電影: 太平町--場景的消逝與延續。這是一個老台北的微電影故事:延平北路過去是商業興盛的地方,布店林立,很多創業家也從這裡發跡。兩個上班族女孩,因為工作不順心,興起想自己創業的念頭。在找房子過程中,找到了一家位於延平北路的老 式房子,房東太太的公公以前就曾經在這裡,開自己的布店,並自創品牌。兩個人便受這位爺爺的鼓舞,在這裡租了下來當作工作室,開始創業...
A Short film on life, connections and expectations; written and directed by Mu-Ming Tsai.
A short film on redemption. Spectacular acting from Shahaub and Steven, great pleasure to work with them. Special thanks to editor and composer Daniel Tong as well, who always does a great job editing!
Love at the end of the world. A short film directed by Mu-Ming Tsai.
A visual interpretation of Mu-Yang's poem "Stars are the only guidance." Music from "A single man" soundtrack. 這是為了參加台灣的私詩電影短片比賽所拍攝的,偶而走一下文青路線也不錯!
A 60 Second documentary we shot and edited. The idea was to explore something totally mundane and shoot it in the most beautiful way possible.
A Self-Interview done for Michael Helmy's production design class. He was the production designer for a lot of popular TV shows such as Miami Vice and ER.
  Cicada "Lake's End" Music Video.

Taiwanese female fronted chamber ensemble Cicada is led by the composer/pianist Jesy Chiang with members including Anne (violin), Wan-Ing (cello), and Bambi (guitar). They released the acclaimed EP "Over the Sea/Under the Water" following the debut performance as the opening act for Ólafur Arnalds' concert in Taipei in 2010.

More info on Cicada, visit Cicada's website.
Drawing on hip-hop and early 90s R&B influences, Stringer Belle's Bright City EP marks the next stage in the rapid evolution of singer-songwriter Emily Mclean's music. The group began as a collaborative project between Emily and her brother Matt Mclean, who recorded their first release in the closet studio of his San Francisco apartment. When Emily moved from New York to the Bay Area in 2009, the group expanded into a quartet, adding Paul O'Leary on bass and Will Boast on drums.

More info on Stringer Belle and their wonderful music can be found at: http://stringerbelle.com/
A music video in collaboration with the very talented and beautiful SF band Honeycomb.

By chance we heard Honeycomb's music over the internet and instantly fell in love with it. What really stands out for us is the cinematic aspect of their music, probably because Emily the lead singer herself is also a filmmaker. You could really feel the visuals of their music. We shot this video in the Oakland mountains, which were really beautiful but such a pain to haul all the equipment and people. In the end it was worth it though. The end result was really beautiful.

More info on Honeycomb and their wonderful music can be found at: myspace.com/​honeycombmusic
A Hakka music video shot and edited by Mu-Ming Tsai. Thank you Bianca, Eric, Heather and Iris for being a great team.

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『輕媒體』是一種主張, 我們捕捉生活中小巧美好的創意, 呈現簡單有趣的小小感動。沒有龐大的成本, 或是高高在上看不懂的藝術, 我們輕薄短小卻很真誠可愛。我們總是跟客戶保持美味關係。每一次的合作,都像烹調一道菜,客戶點餐與提供原料,我們料理與發想食譜。即使一樣的食譜也會有不一樣的結果,創意調配與大膽嘗試,堅持低溫保鮮高度品管,絕不使用回鍋油。


2012年3月完成了一部國際設計紀錄片Design & Thinking,已榮獲美國新港攤設計影展及其他影展的肯定,並受邀於眾多國際企業如Google, Microsoft, Target等企業內部作分享與放映。2012年回台灣成立Muris繆思有限公司,致力於跨媒體結合,繼續發揮「影想力」。




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